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Lost and Life

My sister suggested I watch the show Lost beginning with season 1.  I started it three days ago and cannot stop thinking about  their characters problems, their lives before the plane crash, and analyzing how they are using their coping mechanisms to survive the situation they are in. 

First of all I believe the creator and the writers of the show are brilliant.  When I started watching the show I was thinking that each and every one of these people that survived the plane crash did so because they have demons within that need to be terminated, issues that need to be resolved, forgiveness that needs to be given to someone, and they need to come to the realization that their mistakes cost them a lot emotionally, mentally and financially, but that mistakes are a given, and they can move on.  I believe whole heartedly that if you die before resolve your issues you are not free of them.  We are all here to learn something.

I know this is just a television show.  But to me it actually reflects real life.  Think about if your plane crashed and you had to survive on a deserted island with forty eight strangers.  I know exactly what I would do.  It wouldn't phase me. I would briefly be angry that it happened, but I would survive.  On the show you can see the leaders emerge.  When you get a glimpse into their backgrounds you can see why these individuals are the way they are.  Some are hostile, sad, weak, pessimistic, while others are optimistic, strong, and nurturing.  What are you? 

I love the show so much because it makes me realize the show is replicating life, only on a deserted island.  We all deal with strangers and acquaintances all the time.  I know I wonder why they are angry, mean, sad or weak.  Most of the time I am caring, giving and understanding, but at times when I don't know what is going on in their personal life and I am being treated badly I become, short, mean, and sarcastic.  How unfair of me or anyone else that doesn't step back and realize this person's grief has nothing to do with you or me, they are having internal churnings that disabled their functioning button momentarily. That leads me to my next point.

None of us know what is going on in someone else's life.  We need to be patient, calm and polite with those we know and don't know.  I believe that their is something wrong in every body's life that you encounter at any given moment.  Their problem might seem small to you, but it is extraordinarily large to them.   

Recently my old neighbor lost his thirty seven year old wife to breast cancer. She died within four months of her diagnosis.  Her husband never told anyone.  His wife laid in her bed on pain medications for four months, died and no one knew. What if I had run into the husband at the grocery store and he didn't say hello. Or what if he was very short with me in a conversation.  Now imagine if I had treated him with anger and rudeness.  People, life is hard, life is not perfect for anyone.  We all have barriers to break through, remember that. 

I am excited to see where this show takes these people and how they resolve their inner turmoil.  I believe being stranded on a deserted island alone with our problems could really put what is important in life into perspective.  Lastly, they will find they are stronger than they think, we all are.