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First look at Octuplets

The world just got their first look at the octuplets.  A deep saddness blanketed me while staring at my TV, like snow covering grass when it first starts to fall.  It takes awhile to completely cover the grass, well, it took a bit for the saddness to totally consume me.

I am not a doctor, but watching those little babies breathe was like watching my son struggle for air when he is having an asthma attack. I know how hard it is for Jax to get the oxygen when his attacks start at eighty five pounds let alone two pounds.  Maybe their labored breathing is not a big deal, or maybe the fact that one of these babies had to wear a mask covering their eyes is not inhumane, even though this mess was totally unnecessary.  My seven year child, Cade, watched this with me.  He said, "yuck, I didn't look like that.  What is wrong with these babies? Mommy, why are they so tiny? I can't watch,I feel so sorry for them mommy. Please turn on Spongebob."  I said, "you know what Cade, I can't watch either."  Spongebob and Patrick were so much more enjoyable. I even enjoyed Mr. Crabs and Squidward for a moment.

This is an example of irresponsibility and selfishness at it's peak.  I should not judge this woman, for I am not perfect, but I will say I have never witnessed a case of injustice like this towards children in all of my thirty nine years, well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, I turn thirty nine of Wednesday,for now I am still thirty eight.  I am going to say it, you all might disagree, but this woman deserves nothing from the public.

Before you all call for my lynching, I will send diapers or help if need be, for one reason, and one reason only, well, actually, fourteen reasons, the children.  We will pay for her hospital bill, someone will pay for the children's care when they leave, and neighbors and strangers will rally around her to help. That is what we should do as compassionate and giving human beings. But it doesn't mean this woman should be offered millions of dollars for her story. 

Her story is simple.  She is an attention seeking, selfish, self-righteous individual, who cannot grasp reality, or simply be comfortable in her own skin. There are a lot of people out there like her. The difference is she put her needs,  wanting attention to fulfill her somewhat scared and lonely self, over her already existing six children. That is negligent and gross.  She lives  in a three bedroom house with her parents, and decided bringing another six, before the embroyos spit, would be a great idea, because she wants children. Please, I don't buy it, and neither should you. I will not buy her book, watch her on Oprah, or Good Morning America, but what I will do is somehow try and help these kids.  So, where do I send the diapers?

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Heather, I agree with so on so many points...

the whole story is making my uterus hurt. Also I am reminded of what Tina Fey said once about fertility drugs: "And I don't think I could do fertility drugs, because, to me, six half-pound translucent babies is not a miracle. It's gross. I'd rather adopt a baby, I don't need a kid that looks like me." And member Susan Brown weighed in as well on this...