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I am supportive of your views

But that does not give proper dues

Standing out in thunderstorms

Yet remains unaffected and warm


Struck many times by lightening

Yet his talks are heartening

He dies several times

But come out alive every times


As an imaginative personality

He has to live by all the qualities

Weep along with lovers to express inabilities

And laugh with children along with activities


Always deep in thoughts and away from world

No love from family and relation almost cold

Only camping at dream land and on vast sea

Looking at fruits coming up on the tree


Finds love in and around at every object

Finds god’s creation in every season with act

Lies low with no profile and ventures in unknown land

Where no foes live but all gentleman and friends


God has given him beautiful heart

To see and describe heavenly art

Make it known to others and feel inseparable part

If not done earlier then have a bold and fresh start


Such a beautiful soul still exist on this earth

He sees complete harmony and love in death

It is divine process that goes on as per schedule

There is no need to add agony, pain and fuel


It is lovely link and can be seen in his creation

Where only beautiful existence is relation

Makes us to feel about next world in general

Why not do something unique before making farewell


Simply hats off to his living and ideal thoughts

Something to come over after bitterly fought

To look towards a beautiful world to live

Make others comfortable and inspire to believe


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user imageSend message | Deleteheather wilkins
thanks for sharing. great poem.