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Your eyes

Lost in your eyes
Despite controlled try
No use as I felt shy
Asked many times, why?

Why should there be any pull?
When heart feels very much full
When she has committed in yes
I should only look at your face

You have now gone into hiding
I am left behind for only kidding
I shall still be happy and smiling
When you may come back as willing

It is wonderful too look at 
Think of future and vision to set
Dream about what the shape will be of relation
Now itself that joy gives me clear indication

I love not, to be hated person
I am sweet in that sense with so many reasons 
She must assert her self for on ward journey
Yet it needs luck and blessings from almighty 

Should I dare to ask you for hand?
I shall act less as companion and more as friend
You will find the difference in real
As I have nothing to conceal

I look at your eyes and simply go blank
They are powerful enough to make me sink
I read fearless expression for full commitment
I am for it and have no regret or resentment

Come to me and say with full sentence
I want to hear it closely and at once 
You have tact and art to disclose with no fear
I am ready for it to absorb shock and bear

Shall love to swim and sink together
As it will leave no room to bother
I am free bird and want of natural nest
You weave and prepare it for our best