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You may gain
you may gain


Hitler dared to win world but failed

Napoleon attempted but harvest could not be availed

*Sikander the great had to withdraw despite being mighty

Such was tragic end for them to fail and face the misery


Many had dreamed earlier also but no one would

Rule the large people as they planned or could

Something prevented them to serve the noble cause for good

Many perished due to long wars, starvations deaths due to food


Why do we have such thrust for bringing world under feet?

Is there no other way to bring people under one roof and greet?

Give them whatever they want and allow to breath free

Lots of fruit to eat and comfort under the open sky and tree


When we have been provided with beautiful earth and good nature?

Why to worry about domination and complete capture?

What purpose will it serve when we all have to go with bare hands?

Rich or poor, mighty or weak, even same treatment for foe and friends


Just have few minutes to think in peaceful atmosphere

It may surely lead you and show the place there

There will be complete solution to all your queries

When you may think about futile path to go on and carry


What and even with what cost you may gain whole world?

When world is not going to remain with you and turn cold?

What even if you gain whole world and loose the soul?

It will be utter failure and shame to respond to foolish call


Just surrender to thee wish and ask for mercy

He has whole world to give you as almighty

No condition attached to and with full authority

You hold it as long as you can with ability


You may have eternal peace in mind to enjoy

Whole world will be at your feet and still no one to annoy

Light emanates and surrounds your body with message

Path is open for everybody irrespective of age


* great warrior in early times*