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What worries me !
what worries me!


I look back and remember those golden years

When husband used to air nice words in ears

I used to wait for him to knock the door

I was attached and waited therefore


Today I have very large family like big tree

The roots have gone deep and can make happy and free

All grandsons come near and hug with love

I hold them in arms, run after them and forcefully drive


I sink in past and tears automatically rush

There was time when I was forced to move round the bush

Make all excuses and strive hard to keep them intact

As every single coin was needed desperately in fact


I was never getting tired of life but needed more

Even though I had bare minimum but felt contended therefore

I wanted children to come up well on their own feet

Face all the difficulties and honorably meet


The life is not that easy to be sailed smoothly

Time comes when you are treated unwell and roughly

Old parents loose their charm and dominant place

They are sometimes seen as unwanted and useless


I have experienced such behavior in recent times

To advise with few words is taken as an affront and crime

Time is not far off when you will be shown the exit

The only position waited so far is to accept and greet


I am not saying something different

It looks as if reality and in no time be apparent

It eats me up with lots of worry

Time is not far off when they may come up with sorry


This is life cycle and may definitely repeat

Many may see it differently and feel the heat

Let there be blowing of different wind too

Each family may not face the same to be true


I have nothing to worry and look back

There is not much left to be and packed

It is open secret and known to all

I have always responded them with lovely call


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what worries me

Katherine Wyatt Trinity Poetry ‎Hasmukh AmathalalnI cannot tell you how grateful I am for your incredible posts and the work you are sharing here thank you and I am so pleased to be able to read your thoughts and works.about an hour ago · Like

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what worries me

Mohanchand Patil Very good and touches ones heart. about an hour ago · ike


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what worries me


JRNightingale 2011.12.16 17:57 We all want to be needed and the passing of time gives that need added weight. Reply