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Welcome and keep
welcome and keep


Welcome and keep



I would always welcome and keep

Even strangers within walls but never weep

As it may speak of double standard

Force me to think afresh and fall backward


As human being I have dreamed 

Retained all sun rays which are beamed 

Not for any use but for freshness like rose

It is freshness and fragrance I always choose


I would never say anyone to go

I will never shut my memory even to flow

Those things may keep me loosely in relation

Never take me off the guard and raise any question


I shall present lovely flower

Little murmur with mild answers

Eyes down with shyness on face

Clear indication of surrender in race


That may cool down the rage of enemy

Anger from friends and shower blessings from almighty

What else I need to dream in delicate situation?

I wish harmonious relation with smooth continuation


I would love to read language of humanity

There may not be any setback for possibility

As it is unexplored and barren adventure

Nothing expected in return to assure


Yet I would love to steal the show

Facilitate the river to sing and flow

Not to damage the bank and cut the edge

Request trees to lower their branches and acknowledge


I would love moon to spread silver dragnet

Fall its rays over water and reflect

To present another dubious impression

And show strong relation in emersion