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War memorial

Memorial to be raised in memory of war heroes
Homage and tribute by everybody who goes
Soldier’s sacrifice shall never go in vain 
Blood might have spilled on earth but shall never go in drain

Nation remains ever grateful
As democracy stands successful
When other countries fail honesty trial
Who can afford to neglect soldiers and their survival?

Not only in service but there after too
Families of war heroes suffer and that is true
Large amount meant for them also make exit
Yet solders never complain but greet

Name any one who can jump in for nation’s cause?
Name any individual who can prefer to sacrifice?
What are we offering them to assure their dependants?
Mere paltry sum with pension and insult!

Shame on those who grab the entire fund
Erect illegal sky rocket building on reserve land 
Open loot by high officials and no action
People also remain mere spectator with no reaction

Give twenty four gun salutes to departed soldiers
Nation may pay homage and remember 
No death is as sacred as laying down for mother land 
But make this fact known to our dear friends

What image we have created today?
Have we bartered the national interest away?
Do our conscience allow for purchase of inferior weapons?
Make soldiers to die for no cause and loose the war already won

Make soldiers to strive for national integration
Assure them not to think about deteriorating condition
Nation is committed for their welfare and well being
Let all solders praise their mother land and sing