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Tri color
red fort

Tri *color


Tri* color may be furled tomorrow in the sky

We raise our head and try

Look! It is our national flag

Freedom is there and in bag


Yes, we have made progress

Clean roads are their with smooth surface

Yet we need to strive hard and chase

All our dreams that were not realized in some cases


We look towards stable nation

Cordial atmosphere with strong relation

We are seen with high hope

Our progress is constant and non stop


We lack many things

As new nation we may miss certain things

Yet some lapses are not to be forgotten 

The basket is certainly having few eggs as rotten 


What do we reiterate on this Independence Day? 

Look towards leadership and shut the eyes any way?

No we need to improve and warn leaders

You may face same grave as ours


Millions starve for the want of food

Our crop is bumper and good

We can feed domestic people 

As we as help those who are in trouble


We need warehouses and not stadiums

We need to balance with equilibrium 

Grain should not rot in open 

The situation should not slip out of hand and turn 


Let freedom be seen in truest form 

Let national wealth remain at home

Foreign help is necessary and welcome 

Yet neighborhood should prove troublesome


Raise head with honor and assert

We shall be second to none in desert

We shall come up with green belt and make revolution

Country may witness real progress with firm resolution 


* Tri..Three