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To be cursed as beggar

It is curse on earth to be called beggar

It hurts a person as if inserted with the dragger 

Who can like such remarks when had plenty?

He is spending life now as beggar with fallen grace from almighty 


The cycle changes in everybody’s life

Sometimes from the treachery of wife

Sometimes cheated by own relatives

When person remains choosey and subjective 


See the lines on the face of beggar

He may look at you with agony and fear

Expecting no big amount but small coin 

Collect few and come back to family to join 


Not all beggars may have family of their own 

Some of them may be earning more and popularly know 

Yet majority of them suffer under trauma  

As life has cheated them by playing drama 


I hesitated for a moment to drop coin in his hand 

He was helpless but had bright eyes and looked as friend

I saw some compulsion in his eyes and felt bad

The same situation can come in our life too and make sad 


Even if you want to donate or give with willingness  

Give it with pleasure and happiness of face

Never make it known that it is just a gesture

God has given you plenty and act is noble and pure 


Let us wish such days not come in anybody’s life

It is treacherous and disgraceful to feel edge of knife

Person dies at every moment and finds no answer

Summer, hot sun and rain make their life miserable with showers 


Some of the people even act as beggars

They may hold fortune under safe custody and fear

They may find no proper sleep and suffer restless nights

He is beggar by virtue and another is penniless in the street

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aradhana verma good writing  
birdz flight very insightful. Delete 
tungo eg spiritual strong Delete 
Have Faith Hmmm this is really facinating, thanks so much Hasmukh