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Timely signal

 Not all people get timely signal

That death is awaiting arrival

Anytime it may strike with force

You will have no time for remorse


As legend goes on saying” sun has to set”

It may change with earth’s revolution but never late

It has to spread light and awake the world

Bring them to sense and leave the dark fold


Any ling thing has to be destroyed

It has to be faced even if one is much annoyed

Not a single soul may be spared

So death is not all to be feared


Count moments if you get the time

Evaluate the plus and minus side sometimes

You may get an answer for immediate relief

You will know the meaning of then “brief”


Shorter is the span larger is the influence

It may smell and spread the fragrance

What a way to live in harmony!

A secret wish and aim of almighty


Lord has kept one weapon in armory

That may threaten and make all very sorry

Tomorrow may bring all kinds of worry

Life may seem then burden to carry


Leave aside everything and think of task

What can be achieved before it is changed into dark

I shall simply leave it to the good counsel

Everything then may turn well


Nature is message for us

We must adhere to certain rules and trust

Nothing plays against our interest

Nature does it for us to the best


The sun may soon loose its shine

But may leave behind imprint very fine

So it is given name of divine power

That helps clouds to threaten man kind with showers