where the writers are
Till death


I started with strong resolve

With mind set to solve

Not to leave behind any thread of doubt

As so much was at the back talked about


That I was like coward

Failed always to look forward

Cared for no relation

And always raised doubts and questions


It pained me a lot

As I had never sought

Any advice or guidance

For any one even at once


I am of shy nature

That I worry more for future

I take calculated steps in direction

That may assure me no reaction


People took it as “cowardice manner”

I was to dispel it sooner

It was never a desire

I use to respect friends and admire


I felt it so bad when she raised a pointer

Why was I not taking decision about her?

I was taken a back and stared in disbelief

She fired a shot and remained aloof


I learnt a lesson

I must offer reasons

It is must even if you are honest

After all your intention must be shown as best


I said nothing but held her hand

Spoke nothing but eyes spoke friendly

She took it as solid gesture

Looked back to see me for sure


I got my answer

Such gesture was offered by fewer

After all it is human feeling

It must be maintain as human sprit for happiness to bring


I am of the firm opinion

That bond must be created for union

It is good to have firm belief and faith

Once created may last till the death