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Thanks for fine gesture
thanks for fine gesture


“Would you like to have some food “ 

We were watching laborers daily and understood

How much it was difficult to work under hot sun

They were toiling very hard to earn


“No sir, thanks for your kind gesture”

We can’t make exceptions any more

Today you are offering ready meal

To morrow who will be there to feel?


If I accept for one day as you are offering

My all habits may witness change and altering

I may search for it daily from somewhere

To our bad luck it may not be coming from anywhere


I was stunned to hear his philosophical thoughts

He was simple worker but fully aware of plight

As worker how much he had to struggle to find square meal

He was satisfied with his work as effort made in direction were real


He was getting enough to meet his family needs

He did not know what were the motives behind deeds?

He was sure of treatment after putting up hard struggle

It was timely help to come out of little troubles


The message was clear and nicely delivered 

It was out of some pity and just offered

It was not well judged from his point of view

As little availability of food was not his need or due


Sometimes we feel very much elated at little gain

If that has come to us without much efforts or pain

It is human tendency to accept the offer without reluctance

We can observe it in our daily life with many more instances


We must work hard and don’t compromise with stand

It may not offer immediate return but strengthen the trend

We may never go in for short cut and accept undue favors

As it may spoil your tendency to feel bad and sour


We are all governed by inherited spirit

Shower the praise words when offer to greet

It has some motives to please a person

But in fact guided by selfish motives with reasons