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Stone in calm pond
stone in calm water


I threw the stone in calm pond’s water

Disturbed the night as if to create and alter

The peace and calm with sinister motives

In fact it was not so but really subjective


You get no ideas as what to do with problems

They emerge and stay to create the troubles

There is no other way of their going away or subside

The life becomes intolerable and creates divide


One more stone dropped to create water bubble

To arm with confidence and become capable

Ripple form rounds and reach one by one at my end

I drop stone one by one to ward off the suicidal trend


Since the childhood nothing has changed for good

Parents have taken care only to provide food

The poverty has taken heavy toll yet I have survived

They have valiantly fought and brought me to young age and lived


“I must find solution and emerge as victorious”

Their efforts should not go in vain as I must strive continuous

The efforts may push me to become known and famous

All attention should be made only on one point and focused


The sadness should not be allowed to take over

The life is not meant for that to loose the cover

Sun and moon both differ in temperament

Yet they are for us and make daily movements


“Grow with task and face the challenges”

Many friends and elders may offer advices

I pick their words honestly and follow

The time is still not opportune and hence I lie low


I am not sure of the pronounced judgment

It is earnest try in right direction and movement

I must trust time and have faith destiny

As every object on this beautiful earth is guided by almighty


“Leave no efforts on your part and work hard”

I have picked those words and try to look forward

One day bright sun shine may emerge and light my world

There won’t be then any reason to feel fear and develop cold 


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stone in calm pond

seema chowdhury
Very motivating and a reflective write.