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Speechless and dumb
speechless and dumb


I remained speechless and dumb

As if the noise was heard from bomb

Many bodies lay scattered all over the places

There was cry for help and frantic chase


It was heavy and loud explosion

People were standing in queue for quick disposition

They were at the counters in many numbers

Just it was to turn in tragic events for members


Many were to be dead for no reason

The mission was to be handiwork of mindless persons

The separatists and terrorists are raising heads again

Worries and agony all over for people to bear with pain


What can be the goal in specific for carrying out carnage?

How could they carry out plan in crowded place and manage?

Do they not fear for their life and community at large?

How long they can evade law and remain at large?


Whole of world is shivering under constant threat

Lots of fund is earmarked and created to counter and meet

The challenges posed by enemy is to keep people at ransom

How can one think of these acts as any value of brilliance or wisdom?


We are to be blamed for our inability to counter

How can they come at will and choose place to enter?

How can we show slackness despite given enough of warning?

Cry for help later on with lots of difficulties and yearning


It may be little dramatic to explain such incidences

It hardly needs mention with long references

Yet it merits attention as precious lives are at stake

We may be loosing many more if remain not awake


I might have lost no dear ones or relative

Still matter is important and very much subjective

It indicates lots of things and requires action with stern hand

Foes are to be picked up and saved the life of friends


They have no religion or particular ideology to follow

They will wait for opportunity to strike and meanwhile lay low

How can one think of killing innocent persons?

When we all are human beings and God’s sons


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Speechless and dumb



Olanihun Opeyemi Joe Am so sorry for you plight, Boko-Haram do the likewise in Nigeria 2 minutes ago via mobile · Like

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Speechless and dumb



get rid of your child predators and no innocents would get hurt, its' really quite simple! lovely poem!



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Speechless and dumb

 Dustin 'Dystan' Barnes ‎. We must experience our high's before knowing the low's It's something impossible to understand though simple to know If we could but share how much we care with others We'd save unnecessary pain from our sisters and brothers Most refusing the transferance, blaming indifference, may be the best So basic, taking effort... but there are few of us up to the test So difficult, while being kicked to lift ourselves from the ground When hate and discontent seem to be all that's around Though if we're able to reach, to open this door We'll become enlightened to the core, evermore 2 hours ago · Like