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Smile with cause
smile with cause

 Smile with causeObserve little pause
Think of plight 
And choose the course right 

How will you smile?
When heart is under pain meanwhile
Either be prepared to act like rock
Or run out of courtesy stock 

You are human being
You have to act within ring
You can’t smile to world
And at the same remain unhappy and cold

You are the one to feel
You are behind the wheel 
You can steer out of trouble
As this is your struggle 

How can you brighten someone’s world?
When you lack the stiffness and courage to be bold
Be what you are and present as you are
Let other relations remain far

You are the one to same people
Emerged as strong with lots of trouble
Now is the time to show and reassert
The stage is meant for successful concert 

Are we not the puppets?
Allow the things to pass off or let
When time comes to react?
We simply fail to deliver or act