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Shine as gold
shine as gold
shine as god


 Dreams are shattered and scattered

When wrong arena is entered

Same hands may run after you and blood hungry

As they have lost the patience and became angry


His one word was law

Whole desert kingdom echoed it to allow

Millions spread the message of savior

He was considered as genuine runner


How many prayed for his long life

Life had been difficult to walk on edge of knife

This man had brought all happiness 

Faces shined, joy expressed and traced


Power corrupts absolutely

Erodes position and become known latterly

When everything has gone out of hand

Foes and well wishers have already turned against from friends


 O ruler, you were not same

As an apostle or savior you came

We all prayed for all your longer stay

But alas! You were killing us and driving away


What made you to change?

Why such transformation came with age?

Your glory was speaking loud on golden pages

Why could not you hold it firmly and manage?


You did enough for our welfare

Yet we were forced to look at and stare

Many of our brethrens disappeared in streets

We have no kith and keen now to greet


You spread reign of terror

It nothing short of horror

Our faces frightened us in mirror

You were proving like Fuhrer (Hitler)


Your final act can’t be pardoned

They are in worst possible terms can be condemned

Now you are no more in this world

We may build new nation which may regain glory and shine as gold