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Shadow within
shadow within

Shadow may not allow
Still it may follow
In day and night
Whether you are wrong or right

It has remained inseparable part
You can see its length in dark
It may adjust with your each movement
It may never leave even if you lament 

Any thing must be appreciated in true context
Everything should be made secondary and come next
We can’t separate soul from body
Then it will loose entity and called nobody

Inter dependency is called nature
You are totally dependent on future
You may need even useless sand particles
They may prove their worth when time comes

life is meant to be tough
but still you can make your self laugh
what if everybody is gifted with joy and happiness
where will the sadness appear on the face?

So in critical times you tend to forget
Pass the blames on shadow and cast the doubts
In fact no one can afford to grow bigger than its size
Then it may have to undergo turmoil and pay the prize

You may think shadow is over stepping
In fact you are afraid and on face slapping
It is your own creation and makes you frightened
You are loosing grip when crisis is deepened

Dependence on others doesn’t mean reliance
It is long term relation at variance
Give and take with mutual consent
It will then be nice message to be sent