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See that love grows

See that love grows

Naturally blooms and flows

As it is gifted by god

It must be thing of joy and not with concern or load 


Love may, at one point, look a symbol of sex or lust

But as age advances it develops into mutual trust

It brings couple together and starts liking first

Anything else becomes secondary as crucial test


It is predominantly a human feeling

It has full consent with complete willingness

Two souls merge with honest combination 

For duration of happy and long relation 


Nobody can deny existence of such bond 

It is divine feeling and person becomes very fond 

Longs for particular person and express desire

Some times he may succeed and sometimes fired


It must happen and sometimes may not happen

As desire is emanated naturally and not hidden

Same is the situation with female partner 

As in such a game both may be new beginner 


Love flows in its own stream

It reflects even in spare time and in dream 

The dream comes true and results into reality 

Both love to unite and make life worth with humanity 


Life is short and must be made meaningful

No one can be termed simply successful

Unless he has lived it to full length with motives

Even though he may remain concerned with and selective