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Round the cloak
round the cloak


Round the cloak


It is round the cloak movement

Time stops no where at present 

It has its own schedule to stick on 

Not to look back at the time that has gone 


Millions take birth every second

And die also in same proportion at the end 

With their precious lives for destination

Leaving behind kith and kin relation 


The sun and the sky are only witness 

Where we can look at them with face

Eyes can reach at them and compel to think 

Stars twinkle as silent spectator and blink


May be we have only few sights in question 

Those have come up after excavations in relation

We derive some conclusions after careful judgment 

That is all we have to observe and make statement 


Life has remained on the surface

We have ample proof of it with traces

We are so lucky to have become part 

Otherwise it is sure mission to depart


To be human being is one thing

To behave like human being is entirely different thing 

Love and hatred are two main pillars

The option is open with us as travelers 


Many ancient figures are known to us

We take their names with full trust

They have left behind trail of universal message

To be remembered for days to come with ages


All festivals come and go with relevant celebration

No one raises doubt about their origin with questions

They coincide with the arrival of particular season 

Delight the whole of masses with many reasons 


Love with the time and march ahead

There is little space to think and read

As time waits for none to take on 

It is for us to ride on wings to be flown