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Really unforgettable

It created uproar and storm

When I cleared the air and warned

“I shall not listen to anything”

She is the only one for me and something


Whole of the family members were stunned

As if one by one were shot at and gunned

My hostile reaction was not at all expected

As I was person of calm nature and always respected


All of them may come near to me with shock in eyes

They would think deeply but will be afraid to try

At any reconciliation move and put forward suggestion

As I remained adamant and as such posed big question


They wanted rich and beautiful bride in home

They had made long preparation to welcome

Only my consent was needed for final decision

Where as I had different ideas and expressed indecision


I was very much impressed by her elegant look

Even though she was not tall and perfect cook

I took all other qualities as perfect match 

She was for me an ideal woman and precious catch


She will express apprehension sometimes

Take my hand and repeat it many times

I used to assure her about my commitment

Enjoyed many evening and night as right moment


It is good to be outspoken rather than be silent yes man

One should have enough of courage to tell with option

That creates good will and demonstrates firmness 

Anybody can read it clearly on the calm face


I was not considered as rebel but certainly defiant boy

They had seen me playing with them and fighting for the toys

Now I was grown up man with all the qualities of young person

They thought it is not critical issue but must be understood with reasons


Now it was surprise moment for me

I was given a nod to choose and feel free

It was as if I was granted heavenly kingdom

A rare gesture coupled with happiness and seen seldom