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cage n woman


I have always hated the cage

It is darkest period of an age

How come one is imprisoned?

In solitary cell and confined


I find no answer

May be with fewer

How do you feel rain shower?

Do you ever realize its power?


In open and under sky

Any time venture out and try

Freedom, freedom you cry!

Birds with wings may elate and fly


Freedom is dear to all

Respect it with lovely call

Honor and see it is not compromised

Allow them to live as promised


I am for liberty and peace

Peaceful life to be spent at ease

No worry for being questioned

Liberty and freedom is not to be mentioned


Even release of tiny insect may give me joy

Is it not the real chance to look at and enjoy?

We are born free and must think on those lines

Everybody has to right to feel free and fine


If at all it is possible for me

I shall confine none and make them free

If freedom is desired by me and liked

Why at all it must stand disliked?


Let one day come for all to celebrate?

Enjoy under open sky and liberate

Shun the bondage and life under yoke

It is not the bad question but cruel joke


Liberate all those animals even

Let them be passionately driven

If I prefer tension free life under sky

Mind should not fight lots of questions like why