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Push to school
push to school

I am made to rush and pushed to school
Parents want to make intelligent man from fool
they have different idea about their children
The school is the best idea o prefer often

There is nothing wrong if that is tan age old perception
It was carried on since long from the inception
It continued for their forefathers till day
This was the only option to find reasonable way

Children needed to pick up nice group
The confidence remains high and up
So much to learn from fellow friends
Vow to remain together till the end

Teachers often offer best and certainly part
Best of the education right from the start
There may be some problems with instruments
Yet enough care is taken for improvement

What someone not picks is the real intention?
There may be diversion in mind with no retention
Life may be thought over from different angle
Mind skips from all activities and run towards jungle

If I have to spell about myself then it will be justice
I may try to know and reveal to parents as promise
As it was just a burden to carry with expenses
They were yet willing to part with some good sense

I was to become only revival for their hope
After me there was nothing but only full stop
If I could make nothing then it was to spell disaster
There was nothing more seen beyond that or after

I too had thought endlessly in this regard
It was only means to stay firm and look forward
Life had taught me many things from an early age
I was to stand by them and encourage 

Those days just invade mind
The heaven was seen and teachers were kind
Who could nourish us mentally for life struggle?
As life was not to pose or threaten with problems

It was not mere four walls structure
But tall tower for coming future
We all were to look towards sky
To keep wings open and ready to fly

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Push to school



sky high expected after yrs of shoving and pushing books is for us to fly high (career wise, irregardless if we have good life or not) thanks hasmukh...

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Push to school

« Delete » MaMaMiAlAzAToS if you don't spread you wings,you will not know how high you can fly....hugs


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Push to school


 GINA "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet."( Aristotle) THANK YOU !