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Protect nature and environment
protect nature and environment


I shall not watch helplessly at the sky

I shall never entertain and ask why

The ideas about disappearance of earth

The destruction of whole world with shot sure deaths


I hear and read many stories which are circulated

May be it has some basic facts but totally unrelated

Arrived at conclusion on basis of some calculation

It has many flaws but not ruled out of question


“Year two thousand and twelve is marked for such forecast”

People do believe in such theory with no doubts to cast

How many incidences of grave nature do take place?

Many deaths and tragedies to witness and helplessly face


It needs some thinking on our part

As it was never before but has recent beginning or start

Volcanoes erupt in unprecedented manner

Whole sky is then covered with threatening posture


Incessant rain and floods clearly go on rampage

Millions of people are rendered homeless with colossal damage

Without natural calamity such scenes are ruling fears

Even with no such happenings we got to face and bear


We have done enough of damage to the nature

Not a single place we have left unpolluted for sure

Deforestation is undertaken on large scale

Sea is now with total extinction of whales


River waters, air and land is infected with chemicals

Many diseases are showing their presence on sudden arrivals

We have no more means to counter them with medicines

More deaths and destruction even on larger scale than famines


So fear not from such forecasts but prepare for protection

Complete awareness for conservation of forests with action

No more burning of forest lands to uproot with animals and birds

Such destruction by nature and human beings is never heard


 * preserve nature and environment*


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protect nature and environment

Payal Pasha a warning to be taken seriously.... a lovely msg......to save our mother earth if want to save the human race..... 38 minutes ago · Like


Kiler Davenport this is really powerful work,i love it,if only the people will listen and take heed 44 minutes ago · Like