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Powerless animal




I am powerless without your presence

Don’t leave me and go even at once

You have come to my by hard efforts

I have feeling of joy when ships anchor at ports


You always gently swung the pendulum

Person comes in the form and can’t remain mum

Your presence is seen and observed

You remain only with those who deserved


I realized no importance when you were here

I became powerless when you went somewhere

I felt as if whole energy is taken away

I have been made beggar and brought on the way


I pull the month with great difficulty

I feel shame on self and feel pity

You are great source of strength and power

You are staying with luckiest one and fewer


I request you to come back and stay

Promise me not to go any time away

I land in problems when you leave

I become cheerful when you say and nicely behave


My whole budget goes up side down

I have to bear burnt and so many losses to own

I can’t go alone without your hand

All people turn against me as foes from friends


I will love you so much and pray

You only help and find a way

Never leave me even if I commit mistake

I shall not sleep and remain awake


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powerless animal

Daniel Mansfield Some nice verses! Very touching in places Hasmukh Yesterday at 4:26am via mobile · Like

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powerless animal

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    powerless animal

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    • Poem: 28685717 - Powerless
      Member: Dave Walker
      Comment: A really great poem. I really liked it. 
      A great write.Sunday at 7:31pm · Like

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    powerless animal

    Date & Time: 10/31/2011 9:52:00 AM     

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    Poem: 28685717 - PowerlessMember: Vinod KumarComment: To understanding the right Soul only can write an Indian (The Great Bharatha) thanks for sharing