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Poet can

Poet can


Why a poet can not remain in crowded place?

Catch the pulse of an ordinary man in race

See the drops his labor inform of sweat

How much he struggles to meet ends and eat


There is valid point in conceding

We all need nice feeding

Every moment of great surprise

To grow day by day and feel wise


Humanity breathes in open and shows the class

We just don’t observe it and make casual pass

We find it irrelevant and out dated concept

But makes it so sentimental when openly wept


We hardly move without aim

It has mechanical aspirations to claim

Life is taken as mere compulsion

To be pulled on with or without resumption


Here comes a stage when you want real eruption

Your ideas to come out from heart with assumption

You need some one to read and come out with its consumption

Two words of appreciation and encouragement without disruption


So stage for natural poet is set

It has nothing to do with any kind of stage

Lonely or among people makes no sense

Yes but nature makes easy flow of sentences


Natural poet belongs to all and considers his duty

In red rose he finds fragrance with simple beauty

Flowers catch his fancy and enlighten imagination

How many things come up for revelation?


In morning shadows are just normal in size

They grow short by the time noon seize

Hot sun makes poet to take refuge under shed

Evenings are forcing him to pack up and lead


Nights bring all silvery lines in mind

Beautiful moon at its zenith is very kind

All birds are now quiet and in the nest

Only poet is awake and tries his best


I would love to call him a free bird

As well receiver of lord’s word

Only aim is to spread the lovely message

Whether as boy, youth or in the old age