where the writers are
Opposite end
opposite end

She was at the other end 
Lover turned now friend 
Simple one but yet loved
Full respect and believed

It is good to part with mutually 
As it has to be terminated eventually 
Love from one side can go no further 
It is impossible to stay together 

“I still love you” she confessed
But some one else is to faced
He is already with me since long
I mistaken you for him and went wrong 

I could not judge her statement
Nevertheless she was honest with comment 
She did whatever she could do 
Remained through out loyal and proved true 

I was hurt but remained calm 
She was right and caused no harm 
It is difficult for girl to remain unkind
As there can be no peace of mind 

I tried to get real pulse
But never tried to curse
I appreciated her admission 
It was in-depth confession 

Who does turn about in life?
I suppose real soul or wife
No one will demonstrate such strong will
Disregard true love and try to kill

I pursued no more
On the contrary adored
She was no more to be real one
But at least accepted to be friendly one 

No one can forgo attachment that easily 
Yet at some point of time it must be done readily 
If you pull strings in different direction
It will end only in hostile reaction