where the writers are
Only fools

It has nice reference
We can draw some inference 
But for argument sake at once
Life in cage is just by chance 

Poetically you are attached
Bonded together as searched
You have left behind everything
Just to stay together and seek something

Life must not be compared like jail
It will never make you fail
It may create problem and hurdles
But which area is free from troubles?

When someone sys I want to be in your embrace
That means it is total surrender and willingness 
All happiness shines and reflects on face
You are in happy mood in any case 

When you reassure and submit
There is everything to greet
You have enthusiasm to meet
Certainly you have enough strength to walk on feet

There is liberty and freedom 
Thought of Living separate occurs seldom
It is journey to be taken along
Even if one goes right or wrong

That is why life is compared to two wheels
Both must pull the cart with thrills
It involves pain, agony, tears and joy
Life is meant to be spent together and enjoy 

No one may take care to read about you
What you did in your life and how you went through!
At the most some of the worth noting events may be highlighted 
Occasional reference will be made and sighted

So love and spend the rest of the life with full thrust
As some of the steps may need full trust
Life will then be enjoyed in full 
If spent aimless then you can only be called fool