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Offer in response
Offer in response


She had nothing to offer in response

The argument and counter was so intense

None of us wanted to fall an inch backward

As some of the accusations were never heard


It is openly believed that love thrive only on trust

It is laid down criteria and there is no special insistence or thrust

If one wants to stay long in race and achieve

It is got to be adhered and believed


If any one of the willing partner has something to hide

They may compromise on certain issued and not confide

Thus weakening the very foundation or strong base

Then there will be trust erosion and wrong chase


A chase never dreamed of and far from reality

As love always unite the people with fine quality

Nothing comes on the way if two are longing for each other

Only one aim in life to remain together and forever


I sensed some thing had developed wrongly

So far we quiet peaceful and lead happily

I hurried back to defuse the situation

As it would have played havoc with its continuation


As I looked back to find out

She was seen serious and was to turn about

The worry lines clearly reflected on her face

I could feel so sorry but pained heavily to trace


I knew she would pounce on me severely

As it had hurt her pride and honor immensely

But it was not of my doing at all

It had developed all of sudden at wrong call


Females are gifted with kind heart

It is really good quality and fine art

Generally gents are considered stupid and unreasonable

But females pull the cart successfully without inviting troubles


I caught her attention by pleading innocently

It was earnest appeal made so gently

It made impact and cut the ice silently

Her voice got clear and spoke again fluently


She was all for great smile again

I could remove the agony and pain

This is now seen as no show down

But to admit frankly mistakes and own


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Offer in response

Dalvir Singh Gahlawat Yea, the poem is rational one. The bone of contention is ego (self), If there is no ego, there is no conflict. Therefore, ego must be marginalized or defused at any point if we want to go side by side for prosperity. a few seconds ago · Like

user imageSend message | DeleteDorothy A. Holmes apwlts2
This poem reads well from the bottom up also...you did a good deed in the end...kind words heal... Dorothy A Poet Who Loves To Sing