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O death, come and grip

We shall not weep

Miss you always but not skip

As you are there to pick


We know our limitations

Every thing ends with relations

The moment soul is taken away

Body remains here to give the way


The candle light goes off swiftly

With little air from window rightly

No one blames air or wind 

The death does the role of blind


“I am prepared to go anytime”

Many may boldly assert sometimes

Yet the fear grips mind at last moment

Curse the whole life and lament


God has made cycle for renewal

Old goes and new cries on arrival

Cry is same but with difference

Compels us to think sometimes


Only brave smiles at its knock

As he is prepared before lasts stock

Both hands towards sky

Eyes shine as soul prepared to fly


At no stage it may stop

There may be enough of stop gap

One may endure more or less

The noble leading may prove the case


Smile at the last leg of journey

You are leaving behind treasure and money

All relatives may feel sad not at you

But what is left behind for them to view


They may want their share

But in your life time may not dare

They may silently watch your departure and stare

Enough of attention towards your treatment and care


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user imageSend message | DeleteMarieta Maglas
“I am prepared to go anytime”-it's very important to be prepared to leave this world-very nice poem,thank you for sharing

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Date & Time: 10/14/2011 9:08:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 28510204 - O, death Member: Dave Walker Comment: Really like this. A really good take on death. Great poem. For my take on death take a look at my new poem called, back in time.


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  Date & Time: 10/15/2011 5:24:00 PM Remove this comment Poem: 28510204 - O, death Member: Benjamin Paa-Willie Comment: of course this is nothing but wonderful. I use to fear death but not anymore. Great write, not that I want to die now, anyway.


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Date & Time: 10/15/2011 10:11:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 28510204 - O, death Member: June Smithster Comment: you are older then eye let the dead bury the dead go on making dead poet poems as long as we can


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Eyes shine as soul prepared to fly...very touching, and liberating. Warm regards,

Preeta Chandran, New Delhi
Oct 16, 2011