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Nothing changes
river flow



Nothing changes until we change

Come out of it and skillfully manage

Whatever may be drawbacks!

In life nothing remain permanent and at stake


In solitary confinement

We may feel moon even not significant

Everything will be felt as dark valley

No foe, no relative, no friends or not even close ally


It will be pure futility if we prefer darkness

Wear gloomy nature and hold sad face

What others have to do with your loneliness?

They may have no inclination to look at in any case


We hold the master key

We may fail even with enough of money

It is jovial nature that holds you in high esteem

“World belongs entrepreneur and adventuress” if that holds him


Cast no pessimism if at all that is thrust upon

Sail through critical period and see it is almost won

“Nothing remains as far distant dream”

If person wants to realize it with team


Life is like river with constant flow

One will have to sail in direction and go

There is no scope for waiting in its destiny

We must have clear instinct to steer its course with ability