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No stoppage by any one
no stoppage by anyone


The world is open and field ground

So many opportunities and chances are found

Any chance on the way must be grabbed

Old or youth, child or blind must not be robbed


How long we may take oath under falsehood?

When we have nothing to eat as food?

We have made the earth as hell

What is there now to claim nothing is well?


The Sun was reality, is today and may remain

We must tap the sources and try to gain

What afternoon will help us merely by observing?

When we are lazy, opportunists and not deserving?


Look around, see the trend and wave the hand

You make turn hostile environment as friend

Create lot many places to turn the tide

The horizon and place is open and wide


The world is definitely a place to venture

Dash against odd and secure the tenure

See that earth belt is torn apart and cultivated

All chances for failures are eliminated


I wish it to become level playing field

Each one is having no secured shield

This will prompt them to rise above level

You may realize then that there is no hindrance to excel


Tap the energy and harness it for proper use

See that youth is oriented for all crises to defuse

Go from one end to another one

As sky is the limit and no stoppage by any one



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no stoppage by anyone



 you have in the title this: No Stoppage by Any none. Should I not be, at least, by any one. Another thing that I do not grasp is this: ...and field ground. What comes before this does not goes well with the later. 


Also some of the lines read a bit odd in their meaning or what they try to say. Some are fine though. 


You made this try less poetic by those error I have high lighted here. 


Take care now!

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Daniel Mansfield Well said

Daniel Mansfield Well said :)) we human race ..run too long in the wrong direction.. Nice poem

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