where the writers are
No one in mind
no one in mind

No one in mind

I followed
And allowed
Some space
For smiling face

She was there
I called her
Happiness forever
And did not bother

It is not illusion
As there exists no confusion
I am clear in mind
With no intention of being called blind

It is not a dark space
It is divine in any case
My bond still illuminates
Happy moments invade and relate

What even if she denies
Doubts and not rallies behind
I shall dream of my own 
The happiness is never known 

I considered her always
My guide and director of pathway
I shall cherish but never remind
It is one of unique stand 

She has done no harm
But her memory keeps me warm 
I used to swim in shadow memory
Her one word has kept me in state of sorry 

I have no means to continue
With same status in view
Yet I feel so drawn in game 
There is no one in mind to blame