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No implication
no implication


I realized no implication

I had not even slight indication

But it exploded like bomb shell

The situation was not ripe to tell


I happen to recite some of my couplets

It was about bad luck and cruel fate

I stated with reference of personal touch

It was taken as if I was about to preach


Some of the friends took it as affront to their right

I was making joke of their condition and plight

I was slightly taken a back in utter surprise

As I was only human being and not mechanical device


I was referring only general scenario and its impact

It had nothing to do with any individual’s act

I was merely referring to and explaining the facts

It brought me to shameful condition with no chance to retract


I was immature to deal with such situation

I though it wise not to stay for more continuation

I appolized for being unaware of their thinking

It really sent me shock waves as if ship was sinking


This gave me one very good lesson

Not to speak something without any reason

See the situation and gathering around

No utterances if they look unfamiliar and unsound


What makes you desirable in public eye?

Not by raising questions if, buts and why

But by sensible reciprocal gestures

That makes your presence worthy and secure


I would be considered unreliable and idiot

If nothing is grasped then your blind zealot

You care for no sentiments and loose side

Then you will be taken as person not to confide