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My own

My own 

I am prisoner of my own 
Some of the sentiments are unknown 
It brings ray of little hope from the hole
In solitary cell to a prisoner as whole 

Hope of new life hangs in future relation
Just entry with honesty in new relation 
That is how I interpreter from her wordings 
It delights me more as if in plane I am boarding 

Her heart is not less divine
She is more of something than feminine 
A dream girl of known paradise
With open heart and full of promises

“I wish to be alone in your heartland” 
Where you and I can be hand in hand 
Just free to roam with lot more to reveal
To speak less, watch and more to tell 

I am not aware of real entry
Yet I feel it is wish of almighty
We have come into being for assistance
To live and swim in your presence 

I am concerned now for real love
That can house me and serve
I longed for it without knowing the name 
You were the one destined in mind since long time 

Simple magic has turned whole of approach 
It was never felt in mind or in heart as such
May be you have something more in mind 
I can only see positive thing and go to find 

Yes it is warmth and belonging 
That has been aired since I was ageing
What else can be better dream than to have her?
Lay a head on her hand and shoulder 

I am unsure of its happening in New Year
Some of the words are still refused by ears
It may be pleasant surprise for all that to hear
A sweet name to be whispered as dear