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Morning prayer words

 I hear Morning Prayer words

I think it is prevalent all over world

Somebody may call it “Azan”*

Some one may call them “Bhajan”*


It has definitely some meaning

A divine call from heart for winning

Love the fellow brethrens and pardon

For whatever they have unknowingly done


Why such places give us mental peace?

Why do we feel that we are at complete ease?

Is there no hidden message from our creator?

I bow my head whenever hear some prayer words in air


Our Muslim brethrens may be fasting this month

Holiest of holy month as it is called Ramadan

To purify the soul and pray for peace all over

“Allah –O-Akabar”, almighty to provide the safe cover


Prayers have tremendous strength and hidden power

People offer it with sincere wishes and in rainy shower

Nothing moves them from commitment and resolve

With only request to grant confidence for it to solve


Whole religious places seem to be emitting lights

Each person dreams to have blessings right

Bow head in silence and seek for pardon

If all committed something wrong on someone


I know for sure that on one is perfect

But can not improve upon our acts?

Can we not become tolerant to mankind?

As has been seen recently that we have gone blind


“Shower on us peace and strength to withstand “

Any burden or trouble that we may be unable to stand

Provide the correct path with respect to each religion

Let some fresh air with fragrance blow in any region!


I visit holy Kaba* stone in my prayer

It provides me peace and acts as sooth sawyer

Likewise my heart bleeds when I find tears

When poor people in street painfully bear


*Azan…morning prayers from mosque * Bhajan-Morning recitals in temples* Kabal.. holy black stone  at Macca