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Magnificent way
magnifcent way




Love to live in magnificent way

Nothing should detract us or take away

Let us see only those beautiful things

To play important role for something new


World is full of agony and pain

Sometimes you may think in terms of loss or gain

But there is lot more to forgo or pick

God wishes to all and no hatred for animals even with kick


Have merciful eyes with full of compassion

Readiness on our part for guilt admission

Surrender to almighty in prayers with humble submission

Taking note of no irrelevant things with confusion


Love is memorable and touches deep in heart

It is God gift and not deceiving art

You can have it any time but not from the mart

Will have to prepare for sacrifice part by part


Love is only beautiful thing we have free of cost

It is rarest of rare available but not willingly sought

Everybody is aware of and realize the importance

But we take it casually and take no chance


You are supposed to lead wonderful and decent life

Many innocent people are done to death with the use of knife

Some are murdered in broad day light with no mercy

What will we be answering when asked by almighty?


Pain should never be caused even by our ignorance

It should be relieved even if we come to know by chance

Real beauty of life lies there in relieving little bit if possible

Otherwise life is full of agony, pain and with struggle


The biggest curse will be committing breach of trust

What can be ideally suited for and what can be must?

This is one of the most important factor and taken into account

Behavior sans trust can be considered as attitude for hell bound


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magnificent way

prima lee breach of trust is one hell of a thing in any relationship...can hurt and will last more than a lifetime!!!

♥♥***********.. So true bro Amathlal

« Delete » R*O*Z*A* ♥(¯.. NICE

Marion B. very good !!!! 

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magnificent way

Re: Magnificent way (Score: 1 ) 

  on Monday, November 21, 2011 (06:39:21)


Come all and join hands with m in countering The menace and uncertainty created in mind for altering It is we only who can hail against storm Remain determined, enthusiastic and always warm Excellent lines 


Tri Wintolo Your eyes an eagle, I jzt wondering your wings strong and smart ! 39 minutes ago · Like


Wad Marj Ah, a delight to read! 41 minutes ago · Like