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Love is sacred
love is sacred


Neither love is simple matter to be wrongly misinterpreted

Nor can be taken casually or unfairly treated

Cases have been reported where even dreaded people are transformed

World needs to be properly educated and informed


Flower just represents emergence of inbuilt feeling

Lovely appearance and color may crate willingness

That is place where love emanates and mushrooms

All sorts of praise for it take place in isolated rooms


Love is never different so is its appeal

No one can neglect it or try to repeal

It comes in the form of strong invitation

Any one may be spell bound to have relation


Love can not categorized like desert, sea or air

Chances to get it not always fair

It can make a person either trustworthy

Or beggar in street asking for mercy


Love is sacred in any form

It is like emergence of an earth worm

Slowly makes place inside the heart

Flower in any form may look to us as heavenly art


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love is sacred

Lovely poem with such a truth in your words....... Pat

Very true, no one what love is until they experience it so true.