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Life just ended

Person’s life was just ended
As it was not avoided
He lacked strength and will
But what prompted him to kill?

It is just suicidal tendency 
Not blessed by almighty 
We have no right to end 
We are specially sent 

With failure in examination test
Students end life by forgetting the rest 
What if one had little set back?
Why to put entire life at stake?

Farmers end life with failure of monsoon
As if life was not to be restored and soon
What has happened to the father of the land?
Why do they want to be bad children of motherland?

Parents end life with bad experience
Children fail to serve them at insistence 
Why do they want such unbearable tragic end?
Is there no other way to utilize life and mend? 

New bride is burnt to death for the want of the dowry?
Life is ended because someone else has failed to feel sorry
Where are we heading for in civilized society?
Why have we forgotten the creator and o, almighty?

Parents pray and ask for lovely kid’s presence
Home should be filled without their absence
Why unwanted scene should be created?
When life is meant to be struggled and re-created

Suicide or ending of life is no answer
What happens if rain fails to deliver shower?
What if harvest fails due to no rain?
Life, death, joy and sadness come in form of chain 

It is precious gift no one can deny
We must strive, work hard and try 
We should know the capacity and then spread
Else it may utter failure and you will be dead