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Juwita... my girl

"Juwita" my girl


“Juwita” meaning my girl

Darling little girl in home as diamond and pearl

I wonder to look at her and feel good

She is tonic for me and energy food 


I speak now on behalf of intelligent woman

Employed as an agent and really fighting along man 

Totally devoted and fir brand never expected

Life at risk when pressed into service to be acted


She is having undercover name as consultant 

Ready to serve for country as an agent

What she has committed in return and got

All ventures made successful and valiantly fought


How long will she continue as fighter woman?

She has lively feeling in her as female

But no she has been trained as male counter part

All the time armed with weapons and ready to depart


I love her dare devil approach and style

She has been influenced by me meanwhile

I try to bring her in my area and poke

She smells rat and refuse to come under smoke


“I cry many times in nights” she adds to clarify

“When all women wear ornaments “I fight 

How will I go for any man and satisfy?

As I am in no position to justify


My life is at risk and shadowed al the time

All security staff is under scanner sometimes

I fear reprisal if attempt to fall in love

No one may simply trust and believe


I want my normal life

Wants to leas as somebody’s wife

Alas! I can’t do it for various reasons

As I am placed in category of special persons


I shed no tears now for personal existence

I can bear all agony to self and offer no pretence

It is way of life to be dedicated to the national service

We all owe so much to country and whole heatedly promise