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I wish to
i wish to


I wish to be borne again

Suffer all agony and pain

But want to miss no rain

That may pour from sky very often


When my lord suffered so much in world

I would love to be often in same fold

Get chance to pray and pass through same ordeal

As he had passed for all of us with raw deal


Was it not endless crusade?

When he witness everything s trade

No one seemed to be happy

There was chaos all around and misery


What would have been the condition?

When there was uncertainty and confusion

Was he not tortured for speaking truth?

Almost crowned with thorns and hanged to death


This is only place where I can remember 

Create passion at heart and hear 

Love for deprived and down trodden

Who were treated like slaves even?


Oh! And those crucified moments?

I can worship for those and resent

“God forgive those uncared for and ignorant”

For they do not know what to do at present 


Life may not the same but worse

People may offer cruelty and curse

Yet I feel to be part of divine land

Where peace can be for all foes and friends


Even thought it can be termed as only wish

As we are not destined to think and finish

Yet I see it as favorable and nice proposition

If this can be considered even as superstition 



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