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I turn 67 today
turn 67

I turn sixty seven today

I was on river bank to witness river flow 
The water was fresh and silently allowed 
No hindrance and no blockade 
Just with one aim to go ahead and later on fade 

Time is also like that 
Makes human beings to stand on toe and face the fate 
Gives no room to repent for failure 
It is simple way to go after it and ascertain the future 

Yes, enough water has flowed in river since then 
I have observed it since long and now even 
I throw little stones in water and see the round waves 
They create round waves and reach the shore to nicely behave 

They have lost the speed and voice with the age 
So is my urge to live more and manage 
“If god willing” we always assert 
Go on stage and take part in concert 

I am turning sixty seven today 
With no fun fare but in silent way 
I look back and see the complete journey 
How nicely it was spent with the blessings from almighty? 

Yes journey is to be taken up with some kind of mission 
It has to be on write earnest with no confusion 
Life is just a period on lease 
Love is the only weapon with us to release 

Hatred and animosity can be earned without struggle 
War and poverty can be caused without any trouble 
What can not be attained in less frame work of time? 
I think love and affection that may come after long time 

Many wishes may pour in from friends 
Day may pass off with happy end 
I shall be feeling great man on earth 
As thousands of friends may greet on seventeenth (17/5/1947) 

Lucky to pass and happy to survive for so many years 
I hear many good words which please the ears 
It is their good wishes and internal attachment 
That makes me to smile and enjoy the moment