where the writers are
I shall remain mother

Thousand of thoughts emerged

In my mind when I floated

The basket into river water

I cried a lot thereafter


I do not know where it will take you

I also failed to judge what was true

Was it an escape route from inner soul?

I shall go to almighty and crawl


“Lord, I did sin to save honor”

I left child in flowing river water

I know child will be safe in your hands

Will there be a tragic or happy end?


I could not resist

The move to desert

Yet mother from inside rebelled

“Coward or heartless” I may be labeled


I shall pray forever

For safety and well being there

You shall flourish and breathe under safe cover

I shall pray more and more however


Had that been no compulsion?

I could have taken courageous stand without confusion

I feared a blot for me and on you as well

I shall repent whole life for it to tell


Many more mothers may be like me

Not independent and bold enough to feel free

I can not be called bold as it was an immoral act

But I shall remain “Mother” to be considered for real fact