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I shall bow
holy stone

I shall bow my head to the power
That has everything to shower
Even if we ask or not in the prayer
Protection is always provided in form of the Dua* layer

I find the stone as an embodiment of universal love
Feel so near to it and inwardly pray to believe
All its ideals and preaching at heart
What else can be thought over as divine art?

Millions across my country and all over globe 
May search their heart and sincerely probe 
What can be done to spread His message?
That has disappeared from mankind with passage

We have observed the fast for the whole month 
Purified soul as stayed as near as possible with no food in mouth 
It has taken us nearly to his fold and refuge
Now it is our turn to take vow and not refuse

We as super religious community have one thing to remember
It becomes our holy duty and obligation to protect the members
Not from same community as whole but others as well
It is certainly His wish too for different story to tell 

I wish my prayer too may reach millions of followers
To bestow their leanings and favor in form of shower
Let us take entire globe to new path of recovery 
It seems it is blessed and has approval from almighty 

I may not be part of this occasion 
But I may certainly have compassion
Readiness on my part to render confession
And whole heartedly expose to admission 

Allah, the almighty may not only bless
But grant me an enough of courage to face
I shall stand before world with enough of trust and faith
That I shall not be alone at the time of death 

* Dua… blessings