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I liked her

With “yes” and “no” discussion

There prevailed total confusion

She will ask me for more assurance

As if limited stock was to be sold out at once


It used to be sweet tussle

Even for sharing fruit like apple

Some times for cold drink

And sometimes for different thinking


But I liked her nature

As I knew she was inclined for me and very sure

She will never think of leaving me behind

As her behavior proved to be very tough but kind


She was with me by chance

I had seen her only once

She presented a friendly gesture

That influenced me very much for her


I considered myself lucky person on earth

We had pledged to remain together till the death

Such was bond slowly developing

I was kneed deep in love and eloping


She will come from behind and put hands

On my eyes and ask for foes or friends

She will not utter for a single word

Only I have judge it by instinct standard


She is by any standard garden flower

Such luck may be had only by lucky fewer

I knew from her movement that she was to be mine

She held all the qualities and best as feminine


As luck was to prove it  

She was tall in stature and above my height

I was looking small when compared

She was really a special gift from god and really spared