where the writers are
I have no place
i have no place

I have no where to go and hide
The world has been torn apart and made wide
I have no face to reveal cruelty being inflicted
Divinity is shamed and faith is dissected

What is wrong with my appearance?
Lovely face and red cheeks by chance
Can no one take it as god gift at once?
Why at all outrage with beautiful flower with mad chase?

I am brought to disrespect and shame 
Where do I cry and try to put the blame?
Who will listen to my woes and come to rescue?
Life is now in doldrums and needs honest review

Humanity is shamed for want of nothing
I am put to hell with no more soothing
Words don’t appeal me and frighten with cruel face
Is there any cause for me now to believe them in any case?

Who can help me to wake the soul?
That has been killed and witnessed by an owl
Night action performed with all form of nakedness
I could only cry to witness ugly scene of wickedness

I have no means to forgive them or condemn
As life may witness ugly turn and damn
I shall be pushed from wall to wall
Certainly a living hell to experience with fall

Nothing can be brought back now to normal
I am in deep shock and may now be crushed by windfall
I shall be hunted and vultures may be set for pounce of blood
What will be now open for me as reasonably good?

I know nothing about dark clouds
The words are spoken with fear and loud
I have nothing left in me to feel proud
Yet life can’t be thrown away and left out

I shall fight the world with positive aim
Ask for no mercy but certainly argue with no claim
Life can’t be ruined by vultures in open field
All females must unite and operate under shield

I may not be condemned as destitute or whore
But what else I can lead life for and explore?
There may be nothing good left in the store
As ladies may always be condemned for crying more

I need to expose the weakness of such elements
There may not be strong support with movements
Yet it has to be resisted with appeals and uprising
For lovely tomorrow and with lots more promising

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i have no place

  • Dorothy A. Holmes apwlts2
    One cannot give up...We must be steadfast and go in search of truth, promised to set one free. A passionate and beautiful heart tugging verse. Dorothy A Poet Who Loves to SingEdit Delete
  • 0avatar Jadia4708au 2012.01.06 03:18 

    Stone................................lovely writing but this pic is so horrible . Yur fillings go on right direction .........express your thought what u feel right now...........thanks........Regards Kaniz . 2 hours ago · Like
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  • 0avatar Jadia4708au 2012.01.06 03:18 

    Manju Suri Hasmukh Amathalal For a solution to a character, length is not required...the depth is sought and admired...all the same it was extremely good...so keep writing just as you should...!!!

    Frankie QueenofOz Ozzie Dark and sombre, but some light at the end of the tunnel. I like it 3 hours ago · Like

    ohn Castellenas Direct and powerful words in this poem. Photo gave life to your words. 44 minutes ago · Like

    Elaine Susan powerful and to the bone truth...there is lifelong damage done to women by the violence of this world. unity is hard for women who have been made to be enemies rather than sisters to each other... 38 minutes ago · Like · 1

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  • 0avatar Jadia4708au 2012.01.06 03:19 

    Zaida Khan gr8- about an hour ago · Like
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  • 0avatar Jadia4708au 2012.01.06 03:19 Date & Time: 1/4/2012 6:34:00 AM Remove this comment Poem: 29340435 - I Have No Place Member: Neetha Sasidharan Comment: really emotional.. nice rhyming set.. it's true dat evry cruel or bad minded people hv an inner face..a face of guilt and an urge to rectify all their deeds, but they couldn't. u hv nicely put d feelings of such people to words. gud job.
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  • 0avatar Jadia4708au 2012.01.06 03:21 
    Kaniz Fatema How Does it Feel To Be Your Own With No Direction Home Like a Completed Unknown Like A Rolling Stone................................lovely writing but this pic is so horrible . Yur fillings go on right direction .........express your thought what u feel right now...........thanks........Regards Kaniz . 2 hours ago · Like
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  • avatar Jadia4708au Kaniz Fatema An art express any black and white mood......many negative and possetive thing . the power is your won hand what you take ....Negative yea Possetive ..... 3 hours ago · Like

Kaniz Fatema Dont u worry .........everything is all right .......:-)

Kaniz Fatema No I dont think so ..This Art ......this is my won think .......

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