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I feel bad
i feel bad

 Why do I feel bad about fanatics?

What is simple thought or any basic?

What can be termed as logic?

I have no answer for it and feel so sick 


Whether enemy or friends

What shall be our stand?

To treat them in real life or up to an end

Does it compel us to change the attitude or mend?


Two recent reports shattered my belief?

It made my heart to sink over no relief

On and off such repetition is made

Bullets are indiscriminately sprayed


People have lost their lives while greeting

Some thirty odd lives were lost while meeting

The holy place was blasted off for no reason

How can we celebrate today as true devotee or person?


Men killed in street are not regretted

Opponent’s disappearance still can be termed as ill fated

But what about people gathered in holy place for prayers?

What do we call mercenaries or bullet sprayers?


Which religion permits such an outrage?

How can we tolerate such carnage?

Who will then come forward for propagation of true religion?

Such kind of hatred may engulf entire region?


I want to disassociate from such kind of people

Who knows nothing about human sufferings and struggle?

What do they know about the precious human lives?

What else is left there in life to pursue and believe?


I hate such people for their blind theory

They may survive little more time to feel sorry

It only adds momentum to increase worry

Let them be cursed with all displeasure from almighty


  • Media reposted recent killings in Afghanistan  
  • Displacement of large Muslim population in Myanmar