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How beautiful!

How beautiful!

How beautiful and dedicated words are!
You are so near and not very far
I see you from distance as bright star
Why not you become my friend or "Yaar"* 

I have waited for you to come
Ready at gate with flowers to welcome 
You never turned up but sent only memory
First I was worried then felt sorry

I don't know what "Sahar" will be doing
May be settled nicely and from here to there going
As garden has chance to allow flowers to boom
I have for her in my heart a special room

Will she respond, I don't know?
All fancy and ideas must go?
Will she ever come to my side?
She has never uttered a word to confide

Oh my dearest and lovely desert flower 
You have come up with rainy shower
Your beauty and fragrance may be known to fewer
I am silent and your ardent viewer

What do you think of your own value?
As deer may never know fragrance and view
I am sure that something may appeal 
Your Indian friend longs you in real

Raise your hands and ask for blessings
Pray for union as it has gone for missing
I shall, for one, may look at sun and sky
With both hands open I shall desperately try

I will not miss in terms absence
But with true feeling and its essence
Love may not be bound by any land barrier
Let these pigeons act as our divine courier

"Yaar"* friend

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how b/ful

Marietta Mardirossian MAIN TUMHRE POEM KO PYAR KRTI HUN!51 minutes ago · Like