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Honesty doesn't belong

Honesty doesn't belong


Honesty doesn’t belong to rich

It is not beyond anybody’s reach

It is easy to profess and preach

But we always defy rules and breach 


Neither can it be expected from everyone

Not can it be taken for granted from someone

No one knows when someone may stab from the back

It happens many times when something big is at the stake


Today the scenario has been completely changed

Human needs have risen many fold and remains unmanaged

This compels people to go for quick and easy money

They may attempt to reach farthest tree branch for honey


No one wants to work hard for getting fortune

They know very well that they me be thrown out of gear and tune 

If not worked hard and kept always in readiness

You got to go in whole heartedly and chase


One of the American female was on tour

Her dream for sight seeing and beautiful scenes turned sour

She lost her money purse along with passport

As being new and tourist she had nothing to support


She spent day and night restless for urgent need

She was sure nothing may come back due to greed 

But to her fortune the purse was spotted by vegetable vendor

Beautiful lady at heart with noble ideas to live with honor


She was illiterate but soon got the real things behind

Got hold of one hotel bill and started to find

In the hotel room the lady had wept whole night

Had lost all hopes and feared for not going everything right


Vendor woman entered room with whole purse intact

The American woman couldn’t believer her eyes in fact

She was in tears and simply could meet with simple lady

Here she was with all precious things and ready 


The tourist lady thanked a lot and offered some money

The vendor lady refused and asked her to pray almighty

Even though she was poor, illiterate and had not more

She would not accept it in return for favor


I consider this gesture as shining example 

For simple greed one could have been put into trouble

The vendor lady showed courage and honesty

I bow my head to her for doing the almost charity


* The name of lady is Kankuben Sakrabhai Pattani

Note.... This pic is not of her