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Holocaust after partition

Holocaust after partition


It was holocaust after partition 

Little spark had resulted into ignition 

Brothers and neighbors turned into enemy 

It was never wish of any faith or almighty


No one knew what prompted genocide

It was agreed to but didn’t result into peaceful divide 

Houses were burnt and millions butchered 

All over the region bodies can be found mutilated and charred 


Was it for peaceful homeland? 

Was there any need for division of motherland?

No one could answer then as friend 

And not now even at the end 


Two nations came into being with reality

Hostile propaganda coupled with relation in bad quality 

Migration from both sides to take revenge on each other

Lots of refugee problems and future concern to share 


It is difficult to understand hatred theory 

What a shame on humanity to feel so much sorry!

Murders, loot and burning along the road sides

Miles long queues for crossing the borders on both sides 


Families separated with deep wounds of hostile acts

There was nothing more to offer and react

Both sides had suffered heavily and bore the brunt 

Still people were blood thirsty and continued to hunt 


It is no use to blame any side or show sympathy

People were reeling under pain and felt apathy 

No one was there to wipe their tears

As each one was gripped with the fears 


National anthem was played to celebrate the birth of nation

There was bitterness and strained patches with the relation

No one seemed happy at the heavy price paid for 

It was worst destruction even not faced by war 


Generations after generations may change 

Yet deep wounds may never go with the age 

Ask any one who had not lost his dear one?

It was bloody partition but price paid by someone 


*  Scene at the time of India, Pakistan partition*